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Are you a parent or guardian of a child who is experiencing difficulties with focusing on everyday tasks at home and at school?

ADHD “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” is a condition that can make it hard for a child to sit still, pay attention, or make good decisions. ADHD can lead to problems in school, at home, and with friends. 

The common ADHD symptoms include:

  • Inattention

  • Challenges with focus

  • Problems sitting still

  • Difficulty staying organized

  • Distractibility

  • Constant fidgeting

  • Interrupting conversations

  • Poor organization skills

  • Mood swings

  • Poor time management

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with the lack of improvement of your child's symptoms even with medication? 

If you answered Yes to either of these questions, Take a few minutes to watch the video below to find out how I use a Integrative and Natural approach that makes a Glowing difference

Paula B.

My 9 year old girl has ADHD and Autism, she used to have a lot of meltdowns, she was nonverbal and was always constipated and she did not sleep well.  Since we started working with Dr. Eko, she is now a happier little girl, she says 1-2 words, sleep is so much better and she is no longer constipated. We are so much happier as a family now.

Regi A.

My 3 year old little boy with autism was having a lot of meltdowns and difficulty with attention and was unable to attend daycare.  Since working with Dr. Eko, he is now so much happier with A LOT less meltdowns and is sleeping better.

Breana R.

Our 9 year old son was having difficulty focusing in school and not sleeping well despite being on medications.  We are so happy we met Dr. Eko and she was our primary pediatrician. She spoke to us about making some changes to his nutrition. We are so glad we did because his focus, sleep and overall health has improved. We are so thankful for your help.
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