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Dr. Hokehe Eko MD, MPH FAAP

Hokehe Eko MD, MPH FAAP is a Board Certified Pediatrician, with 10 plus years of experience who is passionate about delivering the best possible care for your child.  

She is a Tedx Speaker on ADHD. She treats ADHD and Autism by looking at the root causes and addressing physical and environmental factors so that children can go from fidgety to focused and the entire family can thrive- The ADHD Report

After graduating from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors degree with Psychology, she completed a Masters in Public Health from the University of South Florida. She graduated from St.George's University School of Medicine, and completed a Pediatrics Residency from St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, NJ.  She has completed additional training in Brain Health, Pediatric Integrative Medicine and Child Abuse. 

When Dr. Eko is not seeing patients, she can be found chasing her three children and serving foster children as the founder of a non- profit- Kits of Hope, Inc

She is very passionate about teaching both adults and children about how to boost the health of their brains so they can thrive in life.  ​​


Glow Pediatrics

Glow Pediatrics is an innovative pediatric integrative medicine practice dedicated to addressing the physical, emotional and developmental needs of children using a holistic and patient centered approach to care.


How Children Spell Love:
A Pediatrician's Guide to Understanding Your Child's Language of Love"

Dear Parents,

As a pediatrician with years of experience working closely with children and their families, I am thrilled to share my book, "How Children Spell Love," with you. This book is a heartfelt and essential guide that delves into the profound ways your child expresses and receives love.

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