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  • What is a medical ear piercing?
    At Glow Pediatrics, Dr. Eko can pierce your child’s ears using top-quality Blomdahl products and sterile, single-use cartridges to prevent the spread of germs and infections. She uses skin-friendly materials in a comfortable, safe, and calming setting.
  • What are the benefits of medical ear piercing?
    The benefits you can expect during medical ear piercing at Glow Pediatrics include: Safety Comfortability Low risk of infection No stress Long-lasting results
  • What happens during medical ear piercing?
    During medical ear piercing at Glow Pediatrics, your child sits in a comfortable, relaxing chair or on your lap — whichever you prefer. Dr. Eko cleans and disinfects your child’s ears, uses sterile equipment to puncture the skin and places quality, medical-grade earrings in their ears. All of the earrings Dr. Eko uses contain skin-friendly materials and are hypoallergenic.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    The procedure takes just a second to complete. Dr. Eko makes your child's experience stress-free, helping them feel comfortable, safe, and well cared for. Medical ear piercing with Dr. Eko is well-tolerated by babies, children, and teens, and there’s no downtime afterward.
  • What should I expect after a medical ear piercing?
    Your child may feel slight discomfort during the piercing and have redness at the site of the piercing for a short time. However, they can resume a normal daily routine immediately afterward. It’s important to follow Dr. Eko’s post-piercing instructions to prevent infection.
  • What should I take care of after the medical ear piercing?
    Apply ointment to the treated areas as directed. Always wash your hands before touching the earrings, twist them regularly during the healing process, and avoid swimming in lakes, rivers, hot tubs, and pools until your child’s ears fully heal.After healing is complete, switch to another set of earrings if you’d like to.
  • Can you recommend safe earrings?
    Ask Dr. Eko about the safest earrings for children, especially if your child is a baby or very young. Call Dr. Eko if your child develops signs of an infection or if you have concerns or questions during the healing process.
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