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Glow Pediatrics

Partnering with families so children with ADHD & Autism GLOW with health from the inside out.


About Us

Glow Pediatrics is an innovative pediatric  integrative medicine practice dedicated to addressing the physical, emotional and developmental needs of children with ADHD and Autism using a holistic and patient centered approach to care.

Why Us?

Glow Pediatrics is an Innovative  Pediatric Integrative Medicine practice that helps children with ADHD/Autism boost their health by addressing root causes of illness. 

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ADHD & Autism Evaluation / Care 

Dr. Hokehe Eko,


Board Certified Physician and TEDx SPeaker

Hokehe Eko MD, MPH FAAP is a Board Certified Pediatrician with 10+ years of experience who is passionate about delivering the best possible care for your child.  

She is a Tedx Speaker on ADHD. She treats ADHD and Autism by looking at the root causes and addressing physical and environmental factors so that children can go from fidgety to focused and the entire family can thrive


Parents Recommend Us

Paula B.

My 9 year old girl has ADHD and Autism, she used to have a lot of meltdowns, she was nonverbal and was always constipated and she did not sleep well.  Since we started working with Dr. Eko, she is now a happier little girl, she says 1-2 words, sleep is so much better and she is no longer constipated. We are so much happier as a family now.

Regi A.

My 3 year old little boy with autism was having a lot of meltdowns and difficulty with attention and was unable to attend daycare.  Since working with Dr. Eko, he is now so much happier with A LOT less meltdowns and is sleeping better.

Breana R.

Our 9 year old son was having difficulty focusing in school and not sleeping well despite being on medications.  We are so happy we met Dr. Eko and she was our primary pediatrician. She spoke to us about making some changes to his nutrition. We are so glad we did because his focus, sleep and overall health has improved. We are so thankful for your help.

Laura E. , Mom

"Dr. Eko is Amazing ! she is wonderful and supportive with and my newborn during my son's first ever health exam. She explained everything to me in a very clear manner. She was also kind and friendly. She diagnosed me with PPD, and recommended helpful management options. She was very supportive during a very stressful time in me and my newborn's life. She also very helpful and truly caring. She always treat me with tender loving care. Because she really does care.”

Allie B. , Mom

Dr. Eko is a patient, thoughtful provider. She is warm, friendly and has a great way with children. My little one always looks forward to her doctors visits! She is never in a rush and always gives wonderful advice. I know I can call her anytime and she will go above and beyond. She's the best. Highly recommend her. 

Amy F. , Mom

"Excellent pediatric care. Highly recommend."


What is Pediatric Integrative Medicine?

Pediatric integrative medicine blends conventional and complementary therapies and harnesses mind, body, emotional & environmental factors to maximize children’s health.

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