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The Glow Health Circle

No matter the health journey of your child- with managing chronic conditions or seeking to improve overall health and well being, we are here to support you. Our patients experience improvements in symptoms and behavior thanks to our lifestyle centered health plans.

  • Weekly GLOW circles for support and accountability alongside a small group of patients.

  • Led by a trusted physician, these group visits provide a way to refine your personalized treatment plan for ADHD and Autism

Group Discussion

Conditions Treated

  • ADHD 
  • Difficulty Focusing
  • Autism
  • Sleep Problems

Paula B.

My 9 year old girl has ADHD and Autism, she used to have a lot of meltdowns, she was nonverbal and was always constipated and she did not sleep well.  Since we started working with Dr. Eko, she is now a happier little girl, she says 1-2 words, sleep is so much better and she is no longer constipated. We are so much happier as a family now.

Regi A.

My 3 year old little boy with autism was having a lot of meltdowns and difficulty with attention and was unable to attend daycare.  Since working with Dr. Eko, he is now so much happier with A LOT less meltdowns and is sleeping better.

Breana R.

Our 9 year old son was having difficulty focusing in school and not sleeping well despite being on medications.  We are so happy we met Dr. Eko and she was our primary pediatrician. She spoke to us about making some changes to his nutrition. We are so glad we did because his focus, sleep and overall health has improved. We are so thankful for your help.
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