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The Cost of Late Intervention

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Could you be missing crucial developmental milestones for your child simply because intervention came too late? In my latest podcast episode, "The Cost of Late Intervention" I delve into the heart-wrenching and transformative world of early intervention. This episode underscores the profound impact of timely developmental support for children and introduces innovative solutions that can bridge the gap for parents seeking help.

In the first part, I explore the critical importance of early intervention for children who may have developmental delays or autism. I share a deeply emotional story of a mother who has been struggling for six years to get her child evaluated for developmental delays. The child, now nine years old, has faced significant challenges in school and life due to the lack of timely support. This story highlights the emotional and developmental costs of delayed intervention, emphasizing that the period from birth to age five is crucial for brain development. Timely access to speech, occupational, or physical therapy during this period can make a world of difference.

Parents play a vital role in this process. They must be proactive in tracking their concerns and advocating for their children during pediatric visits. Pediatricians often have limited time, and it is up to parents to articulate their concerns effectively. Keeping a list of worries and questions can help ensure that nothing is overlooked. If you feel something is not right, it is crucial to seek second opinions and persist until the necessary support is obtained. The emotional impact on children who do not receive timely support can be profound, affecting their self-esteem, academic performance, and overall well-being.

Glow Pediatrics was born out of the recognition of these challenges. I founded Glow Pediatrics to provide timely and accessible support, offering virtual evaluations to help families get the support they need more efficiently. Virtual evaluations allow parents to get answers from the comfort of their homes, enabling them to seek help from their school districts or other resources without delay. This innovative approach aims to address the significant wait times for in-person evaluations and therapies, ensuring that children receive the support they need during their critical developmental years.

The second half of our episode addresses the real-world challenges parents face in accessing essential therapies for their children. Many parents encounter long wait times for speech and occupational therapy, leaving them feeling helpless. To bridge this gap, I introduce a new program that connects parents with experts remotely. This program enables parents to learn strategies and techniques to support their children's development at home while waiting for in-person appointments. This initiative aims to empower parents with the knowledge and tools they need to make a positive impact on their children's development.

The importance of early intervention cannot be overstated. The period from birth to age five is marked by rapid brain growth, making it a critical window for making developmental changes. If a child has difficulty with speech, motor skills, or other developmental areas, early intervention can help address these issues effectively. For instance, if a child is not speaking or articulating words clearly by age four, speech therapy can make a significant difference. Similarly, occupational therapy can help children with motor skill difficulties, such as tying shoelaces or using utensils.

Parental advocacy is crucial in ensuring that children receive the support they need. Parents are their children's first teachers and most important advocates. They must communicate their concerns clearly to pediatricians and other healthcare providers.

Glow Pediatrics is dedicated to enhancing early child development support through innovative solutions. By offering virtual evaluations and connecting parents with experts, we aim to reduce the wait times for essential therapies and provide timely support to families. Our mission is to ensure that children receive the help they need during their critical developmental years, empowering parents to be proactive advocates for their children's well-being.

In conclusion, early intervention can save lives and significantly improve the quality of life for children with developmental delays. Glow Pediatrics is committed to providing accessible and efficient support through virtual evaluations and expert connections. Remember, as a parent, you are not alone on this journey. Reach out for support, and together, we can ensure the best outcomes for our children.

Tune in to the full episode to learn more about our mission and services.

Have a wonderful week!

Dr. Hokehe Eko.

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