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If you have concerns about the possibility of autism, it is generally better to have your child evaluated sooner rather than later. If your child does meet criteria for autism, they can qualify for early intervention programs. Even if you choose not to enroll your child in therapy, understanding your child’s behavior and needs can go a long way toward knowing how to support them.

Testing is most reliable if done at 18 months of age or older. Some children will have subtle signs while others will have more notable signs.

Evaluations are available virtually and in-person.

Dr. Hokehe Eko


As a Board Certified Pediatrician with additional training in Integrative Pediatrics and Brain Health, I have over ten years of experience working in pediatrics with a range of children of all ages, and also have cared for many children on the autism spectrum. As a result of my experience, I am better able to differentiate between neuro-typical and neuro-atypical behaviors, and can also help identify if there are other factors at play, such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD, intellectual delays, or other medical conditions.  I completed specific training to perform autism diagnositic evaluations using CARS standardized test. 

Testimonial of a young child with Autism treated using Integrative Medicine.

My son has been diagnosed with Autism since he was 18 months, he is now 3yrs old. My son has multiple food allergies, bowel issues and reoccuring ear infections. As a mother who was trying to do all I could to ensure my son was healthy  and can reach his fullest potential I spent hours researching, reading and sometimes obsessing on what was best for him. With all the thousands of opinions, protocols and therapies available today, it's hard to know what fit for my son. That's when I met Dr. Eko who jumped right in and educated us on nutrition and a lot of knowledge that helped us understand why she was recommending certain supplements. Since starting the supplements suggested my son no longer has ear infections, he is regularly having bowel movements, doing great in preschool and although he was mostly non speaking he is started to verbally communicate more. 

We are forever grateful that Dr. Eko came into our lives.  I feel relieved knowing that I am armed with the knowledge needed to help my son, elated that we have a physician who cares, and hopeful for my sons future . Regi A. 

Regi A., Mom


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